The Anthony Muñoz Foundation created the Service Challenge for high school students, who attended the Youth Leadership Seminar. The Service Challenge urges high school students to take what they learned at the Leadership Seminar and apply it to making a difference in their community. 

2014 AMF Challenge
Ready to take what you learned from #SparkCincy and help your community? Be sure to share with us the details of your service project so we can come visit your school!

Need some help getting your project started? Check out our resource page here!

How to Win & Prizes
AMF wants to reward these schools for making a difference! When determining the winner of the Service Challenge, we will be considering the project's lasting impact, its creativity, and the amount of student participation. The following prizes listed below will be distributed to the first and second place winners of the Service Challenge. Schools will use these prizes to continue helping their communities!

First Place- $2,000 Second Place- $1,000

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2013 Service Challenge Tour
AMF went on on tour! We visited several schools throughout the year to check out the impact they were making in their communities. Click here to see what each school planned for their project!


Bracken County High School testing-driving their project for their anti-texting and driving campaign!

2013 YLS Project Winners
1st Place- Talawanda High School: for their Service Challenge project, Bracken County High School created an anti-bullying campaign for their middle school students.

2nd Place- Carlisle High School hosted a blood and teddy bear drive, in memorium of a student who passed away due to Leukemia.

2012 YLS Project Winners
1st Place- Bracken County High School! For their Service Challenge project, Bracken County High School created an anti-texting and driving campaign.

2nd Place- Franklin High School hosted a book fair and with the funds raised, they were able to help create a library for one of their local elementary schools.