As we review our Scholarship Fund applications, we wanted to acknowledge all of the teachers, principals, and guidance counselors during this years Teacher Appreciation Week. For everything they do for their school and students we want to give them a big

thank you

This year, the Foundation received over 130 applicants for the Scholarship Fund, 275  nominations for the Straight “A” Scholarship, 1,200 students for our Youth Leadership Seminar and had 16 finalists for the Linemen of the Year! All of the help the teachers, guidance counselors, and principals provide is crucial to four out of eight programs the Foundation runs. (Missed my talk with inspirational teacher Angie Dee? Click here!)

2013 SA FinalistsWith all the nominations and applications we received, our search to make sure no deserving student go unnoticed would not be possible. The dedication you have towards your students shows in their drive to be great. Without our nominators we would not have been able to select this years incredible 18 Straight “A” senior finalists and six Scholarship Fund applicants. With your help the Foundation was able to give students $162,000 towards their college education.

To every student who applied, thank you for taking the time to fill out the application and more importantly, sharing your story with us. Your hard work to overcome adversity and determination to continue your education will not be overlooked!

Be sure to leave a comment below to thank your teachers and all the hard work they do!

Mike Rizio
Programs Intern