Youth Leadership Seminar (YLS) is on its way, and we are thrilled to see more and more schools join us for #OneCincy2016. Our last blog post shared all the schools who’ve signed up so far.

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Not only do we need schools to register for our biggest event of the year, we need 65 volunteers to help inspire the hundreds of students in attendance. Without our volunteer help the event wouldn’t be possible. We’re extremely thankful for all of the dedicated volunteers, but a few hold a special place in our hearts.

Volunteers for 5+ Years

These 11 volunteers are dedicated to the cause year after year.

Rick Walter                       Brinton Heimann                   Tom Rockwood
Sandy Walter                    Steve Holt                                 Todd Porter
Debbie Abright                Scott Honaker                          Monica Ruscher
Gerry Albright                  Daniel Minera



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