Intern Graphic.jpgHello, AMF supporters! Welcome to the new year. With the new year, that means new interns! Each semester the Anthony Muñoz Foundation brings on new student interns to gain valuable work experience and help run the programs put on by AMF. This year we have a total of five interns with various positions and skills. I enjoy music so the question that I asked my fellow interns to get to know them better was, “If there was a playlist to your life, what would the title be and why?”

My name is Ryan Quilty and I am a senior Sport Management and Public Relations double major with a Business minor from Xavier University. I am from Gurnee, IL, which is about 45 minutes north of Chicago. My role with AMF this semester is Assistant Program Coordinator for the Impact for Eternity Camp and tutor/social media for our Whiz Kids Program If there was a playlist to my life, I think it would be titled “Get Your Groove On” because I listen to all different types of music that make you want to dance and have fun. This also describes my way of living life because this playlist is light-hearted and I try to not freak out about the small things in life and just enjoy it as it comes.

The next intern in the office is Dayna Prinz. Dayna is a senior studying Sports Administration at the University of Cincinnati. She is originally from Cincinnati and went to McAuley High School! Dayna’s role with AMF is the Coordinator for Lineman of the Year Banquet and she will be helping out with the Hall of Fame Week. If Dayna had a playlist to her life it would be titled, “Just a Country Gal in Cincinnati” because all of Dayna’s music on Spotify is country music and she wishes that she could have been born in the Florida. If you ever meet Dayna make sure to ask her about Kenny Chesney and she will profess her love for him. A fun fact about Dana is that even though she attends UC, she is a huge Xavier Basketball fan!

Meggie Strawser is the next intern up! She is a Senior at University of Cincinnati and is also from Cincinnati.  Meggie’s role with AMF is the Impact Intern and handles the Straight “A” Scholarship, Service Challenge, and Scholarship Fund. If Meggie’s life was a Spotify playlist it would be titled, “It’s a Great Day to Be Alive.” This is because she tries to stay as optimistic as possible and always look for the good in every day and Meggie thinks that this playlist would be a great reminder to always have something to smile about! Another fact about Meggie is that she loved interning with AMF so much last semester that she came back for her second go-around.

Third on the list is Kate Lisena. She is a sophomore Graphic Design major at Xavier University. Kate is from Rochester, New York and her role with AMF this semester is Graphic Design Intern. She will be in charge of branding and developing design materials for all the AMF events this spring. If Kate had to describe her life in a music playlist, she thinks the title would be, “Everything but the Kitchen Sink” because she is not a very decisive person and she tends to choose two paths instead of one. Kate is an interesting one because she listens to both country and rap music. I for sure would want to listen to this playlist if she is going to have that kind of a mixture of music! One fact that Kate wants everyone to know is that she is addicted to coffee. She told me that she has about 4 cups of coffee a day! I am no doctor but that does not sound healthy… but Kate is alive and working hard for AMF, so that’s all that matters.

Last but not least, we have Tricia Dreyer. Tricia is a freshman exploratory major at University of Cincinnati. She is from the Cincinnati area and was one of AMF’s Scholarship Fund Recipients last year. Tricia is the Whiz Kids Program Development Intern and tutor for AMF this semester. A playlist to Tricia’s life would be promptly titled, “No Days Off” because she has a packed schedule and always makes sure she has something to keep her busy. One of the best ways to keep Tricia motivated is through music. It is a well-known fact that if you play “Across the Universe” by The Beatles for Tricia, she will become so motivated that she will finish a 30-minute project in 10 minutes!

Stay tuned for next week’s blog on the Straight “A” Scholarship brought to you by Meggie!

-Ryan Quilty