Each year at our Youth Leadership Seminar, we challenge schools within the Foundation’s Area of Impact to find a need in their community and address it. Through Service Challenge Projects, we have seen students come together to do the unbelievable. This year, we were ecstatic to see students come together to aid their school, community and third world countries.

In this week’s blog, we are going to shine light on some of the amazing Service Challenge Projects we have received this year! Don’t see your project? Make sure to keep an eye on our social media for a shout out. Want to participate in a Service Challenge Project next year? Learn more about the Youth Leadership Seminar here.

Hillsboro High School

Hillsboro High School’s Service Challenge Project, Blessing Bags, impacted the community, especially those in nursing homes. For their Service Challenge Project, 15 Hillsboro High School students came together to fill stockings and create goodie bags for members of their community in nursing homes. All the goodie bags were personally delivered, allowing time for the students to speak and spend time with over 100 recipients.

Anderson and Aiken High School

Anderson and Aiken High School continue to build upon their Service Challenge Project by doing amazing things for the Aiken Largo School in Sierra Leone. This year, the schools teamed up to raise funds to bring soccer and volleyball programs to the Aiken Largo School. With $1,500 raised between both schools, both programs were able to be funded. We could not be prouder of all the hard word that has gone into this project and we are excited to see what Anderson and Aiken continue to do for the Aiken Largo School!

Franklin High School

When Franklin High School noticed a drug problem throughout the community, they decided to do something. Throughout Franklin High School’s spirit week, students were reminded that bad decisions do not define who you are as an individual and were provided with resources to help with the battle of drug addiction. Spirit week ended in Franklin High School’s Third Annual Dodgeball Tournament: Dodging Bad Decisions, where the students raised nearly $500. These funds will support the town in hiring Chris Herren, a former professional basketball player and now motivational speaker,  to come and speak with community about addiction. We could not be prouder of Franklin High School’s passion for helping the student body and the community.



Stay tuned for more updates on this years’ Service Challenge Project and everything else Anthony Muñoz Foundation! Next week we are excited to announce the recipients and official winners of our Straight “A” Scholarship! See you all then!