Looking for the right scholarship to apply for can be very difficult. College is getting more expensive which means more people are applying for scholarships.


The Anthony Muñoz Scholarship Fund offers $20,000 to up to six high school seniors in the Greater Cincinnati area. Previous winners have used different routes to find scholarships such as the Scholarship Fund. In a recent article, Edudemic featured tips on how to find a scholarship. These tips include:

  1. School Districts: Make sure to visit your schools district’s website because sometimes they list scholarships that your high schools don’t. (Information about the Scholarship Fund has been sent to your local high school! Ask someone about it today!)
  2. University Scholarships: Colleges usually have incoming freshmen scholarships, as well as upperclassmen opportunities. (AMF has also sent Scholarship Fund information to your college if they are on our eligible school list…have you seen it?)
  3. Community Foundations: (Like the Anthony Muñoz Foundation!)

When I was applying to college way back when, finding scholarships to apply for took a lot of effort. However, I learned a lot along the way. Some of my tips for finding a scholarship include:

  1. Take Advantage of the Resources Around You: While your high school might not list every scholarship opportunity, they have a lot of knowledge on how to find different scholarship opportunities. Your teachers and guidance counselor’s are there to see you succeed, take advantage of what they have to offer.
  2. Stay Optimistic: You may not receive every scholarship you apply for, but stay positive and keep applying. There are plenty of scholarships out there, for all students.
  3. Get A Lot of Eyes on Your Essay: You can never have enough people double check your essay to make sure there are no typo’s or any spelling errors. It’s basic editing, but if you make a small mistake you could be discrediting yourself.

While finding a scholarship can be difficult to find, locating the Anthony Muñoz Scholarship Fund is incredibly easy. Click here to find the application!

Mike Rizio
Programs Intern

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