Hamilton High School hosts dodge ball tournament to raise funds for Mary Beth Robinson

Hamilton High School continues their streak of awesome service projects in 2013!  (Don’t remember their winning service project from last year? Check it out here).  At October’s YLS, Hamilton had originally planned a different project.  They wanted to create a room full of donations where students could pick up items they needed or just hang out in a comfortable, safe environment.  However, they came up with a new idea to help someone near to their heart.

On January 17th, the Hamilton representatives at YLS hosted a dodge ball tournament.  This tournament helped raise funds for Mary Beth Robinson who was a principal at Hamilton for 24 years.  She had a stroke last February and her family’s insurance won’t pay for therapy.  The students decided that Mrs. Robinson and her husband, the basketball coach, are such an important part of the high school that they wanted to give back to the family.

Students from Hamilton High School, Freshman School and Middle Schools all participated in the tournament.  Students charged $2 to play dodgeball and charged each person $1 to watch the games. Hamilton was also able to get other students involved in the event.  HHS and MBRThe Hamilton ROTC members helped protect the fans from flying dodge balls.

The group also accepted donations at the Hamilton vs. Badin basketball game were able to raise $3,500 for Mrs. Robinson in one day!  Now, Badin and Hamilton are currently in the works of planning an adult concert to raise the rest of the money for Mrs. Robinson.

Good luck Hamilton!  You can do whatever you put your minds to!

Check back next week to read all about Anderson’s event that was on Wednesday.


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