Supporting students’ dreams of achieving higher education


Our volunteers make sure he succeeds




Our volunteers make sure he succeeds


Supporting students’ dreams of achieving higher education


Along its journey, the Anthony Muñoz Foundation has touched the lives of over 50,000 youth. Two decades later, the Foundation continues to impact Tri-State youth through seven Impact Programs.

Scholarship Fund

The Foundation’s Scholarship Fund awards multiple $20,000 scholarships to select Tri-State high school seniors, supporting their dreams of attending a local college or university. Applications will be accepted starting January 1, 2023 through April 28, 2023.

Straight 'A' Scholarship

The Foundation is redefining the meaning of Straight ‘A’s. Each year,
18 Tri-State high school seniors are honored and recognized for their
ability to overcome Adversity and Actively serve the community,
while striving for Academic excellence, strong Ambition, Athletic
achievement and a winning Attitude. Nominations will be accepted starting January 1, 2023 through February 24, 2023.

Impact for Eternity

Handpicked by partnering organizations and schools, up to 150 5th through 8th grade at-risk boys join Anthony at Athletes in Action in Xenia, OH to learn the importance of leadership and character, team-building skills and the fundamentals of both football and life.

Football Academy

More than 500 3rd through 8th grade boys and girls are invited to this two-day camp. Campers will learn from Anthony himself, a team of 40 hand selected local coaches and outstanding guest speakers on how to be successful on and off the field.

Hispanic Character Camp

Our camp’s mission is to build men of character. I have immense pride in my heritage and I want these young men to feel that pride and be a role model for their peers and in their communities, no matter their situations.” – Anthony Muñoz

Athletes in Action hosts up to 150 Tri-State 5th through 8th grade Hispanic boys at our Hispanic Character Camp. Utilizing football as a platform, campers experience a life-changing weekend full of character education and culturally inclusive and enriching activities.

Youth Leadership Seminar

More than 1,000 students from up to 75 Tri-State schools attend our seminar for a day of leadership development. High school students hear from inspirational guest speakers and learn valuable lessons in reaching their goals and standing out as leaders.

Whiz Kids + Unplugged

At Whiz Kids, Foundation staff and volunteer tutors provide Kindergarten through 4th grade students at Roberts Academy with weekly one-on-one mentoring and reading instruction.

Unplugged, an extension program for students who aged out of the Whiz Kids curriculum, works with students weekly on Social and Emotional Learning competencies, high school preparation, future career exploration and service learning.


Azaria Pittman Carter

“When I was four years old, my life changed. My father was killed. My mother had to deal with her grief and the grief of her children – and I had to grow up fast. I remember specifically living in a townhouse one day and an apartment the next. Until I entered the 5th grade, we bounced around schools and I never knew if there would be food on the table or clean clothes.”

In 2017, Azaria was also chosen as a Straight “A” Scholarship Finalist. Through adversity, Azaria still achieved in the classroom and motivated others to help serve our community. Her infectious encouragement and selflessness is something that truly makes Azaria remarkable.

Azaria currently attends the University of Cincinnati and is continuing to have an impact with the Foundation and her community.

Victor Ponce

“I was born in Mexico City, Mexico and at the age of four, my mom, Rosalia, made the decision to move out of the country that she had grown up in, and the country that I had begun my life in, in order to move to a much better place: the United States. Victor found struggles in acclimating to the English language and fell victim to racism. There were times when I would come home crying because of the type of comments made towards me. Overtime, these comments really got the best of me, my confidence was at an all-time low, especially in 7th grade. Luckily that very same year I was offered an opportunity to go to a Hispanic Character Camp with Anthony Muñoz and it gave me the confidence boost I needed.”

Victor was chosen as one of the Scholarship Fund recipients in 2016 and went on to study at Northern Kentucky University. His courage, perseverance and determination amidst all that sought to put him down, truly inspires us.

Priscilla Lorenzo-Lopez

Through Unplugged, Priscilla created and initiated the Hair Bow Project. After one of their field trips to Matthew 25 Ministries in 2017, she and her Unplugged girls decided they wanted to make an impact by raising money for the devastating earthquake that had occurred in Mexico in the fall of 2017. They created their own hairbows, Each one costing $1, and sold 65 in total!

“My favorite part of the Hair Bow Project was being able to do something creative and stylish, while also earning money to help others.”

Priscilla also organized a plastic bag drive at her school so Matthew 25 Ministries would have the necessary materials for their sleeping mat project. We are extremely proud of all the work Priscilla has done in her community and in living out the Anthony Muñoz Foundation mission.

Dillon Stone

Dillon comes from a difficult home life where he never truly had a stable home as a child. He occasionally sees his mother and four siblings, but knows less about his father.

He was a linemen at Hamilton High School with a “Blind Side”-like story of how football and his adoptive family have helped let him be the man he is today. He was taken in by a friend’s family and they gave him not only a home, but support. “Since I moved in with them I’ve had people that wanted me to succeed.”

Despite everything Dillon has gone through in life, his accomplishments prove that he does not let adversity stand in his way. Due to this, he was chosen as our 2018 “In the Trenches” Leader. Dillon’s journey is continuing at Urbana University.



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